THICK THIN BAGS: 16 x 15 + 3

The material in the handle area is thicker than the body of the bag. By having a thicker material in the handle it reinforces the handles and creates a bag that is stronger and takes up less space. This bag uses the minimum amount of material possible and still delivers strength to hold a substantial load.

These bags are also available in 2 different materials RECYCLABLE and OXO – DEGRADABLE:

OXO – DEGRADABLE PLASTIC: Manufacturer’s suggested shelf life of OXO Degradable plastic is approximately 2 years depending on storage facilities and the environmental conditions under which the bags have been exposed or stored. Light, heat, humidity and other conditions may cause the bags to degrade sooner. 

Set up INCLUDED up to 70 (if same image used on both sides) 

Maximum imprint area: 9 x 9 inches

Printed: 1 or 2 colors on 2 sides

When printing two color you should note:

Over 50000:
– 1/16″ movement in all direction is expected, this can lead to a 1/8″ visual movement.
– If the colors touch, trapping of 1/16″-1/8″ will be added
– If there is not enough room to add trapping, lines will have to  be thickened or removed.

Bag color: White

Gauge: 2 mil. Handle and 0.85 mil. Body

Minimum Order: 50,000 pcs.

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